The ROBERTO project combines a state-of-the-art technology to create an integrated system that allows the safe use of industrial robots (with a high load capacity), in shared work environments, without fencing.
For this, it is necessary to develop new technological solutions in terms of perception and control, which allows the development of a dynamic multi-level security system for use in flexible robotic manufacturing processes, designed for the manufacturing of medium / large size parts, usually linked to small production batches. The robotic solution should be compact (small footprint), inexpensive, and easy to use, with the goal of adapting to a secure and shared manufacturing environment, without fencing and user-centric.
As part of the Innterconecta 2016 Program, the project consortium is led by DGH Ingeniería and is completed by the ONTECH, I3TE, ITERA, GRUPO COPO and IZMAR companies. AIMEN also participates as a collaborating entity.
The project allows to promote and maximize the degree of use of robotic solutions currently present in industrial lines, adapting them to flexible manufacturing processes for small batches, under the concept of a co-worker robot.